Alfa Trans Raya is s a fully integrated ship-owner and operator of modern vessels in regional Mining & Energy Industry Established in 2006, the Company’s activity has grown significantly from only own 1 vessel and now become ship-owner and operator.

Alfa Trans Raya is a wholly owned subsidiary of PT Cipta Krida Bahari, an integrated logistics services provider with branches at all major ports in Indonesia. Both companies are belong to ABM Investama Group.

Alfa Trans Raya strategy is to be customer-focused and deliver high and predictable quality services in accordance with customer demands and same focus apply when actively develop services in close co-operation with existing and new customers.

  • Integrity - We enforce the highest ethical and moral standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in all activities
  • Teamwork - We promote and support a multicultural workforce, based on trust and respect, achieving goals by communicating appropriately
  • Accountability - We assume responsibility towards stakeholders for the outcome of decisions and actions taken
  • Continues Development - We are committed to develop both our companies and employees
  • Excellence - We continuously strive to achieve the highest standards of results
  • Proactive - We pursue new techniques and approaches in improving our business
  • Visionary - Set goals that are all encompassing; have a vision of the future that is communicated and eventually taken into ownership by all members of the organization; envision how to succeed and establish priorities based on core values
  • Honest & Humble - Be sincere, modest reliable, and frank in maintaining trust worthiness
  • Competent - Display leadership competences in making correct decision
  • Inspiring - Exhibit confidence in all interactions; take charge; demonstrate endurance, communicate, inspire and empower others to achieve new heights
  • Self Actualization - Continually develop yourself and seek challenges